• Easy Build

    To integrate highly fragmented and unorganized construction Industry, we present you the EasyBuild business solution, which is completely dedicated for service of construction industry. EasyBuild is the only comprehensive optimal business solution that exists for Realty Professionals today.

  • Easy Build
    & It's Key Features

    EasyBuild is a business friendly and user friendly solution for realty professionals.EasyBuild handles site management, sales and customer management, supplier management, purchase, material management and reporting seamlessly.

  • Service Assurance & Reliability

    High Availability with Uptime of 99.9%.Security and IP. We have infrastructure provisions to protect our customers valuable data and IP.Secured data backup facility.

Construction Industry Challenges

Lack of trained manpower and managerial skills with performance much below international level
Training is very essential for any industrial growth. Lack of training in manpower slows down their skills from other competitors.

The industry is starved of finance
This industry requires maximum money investment at initial stage, but we suffer as we lack in financing at this stage even after skilled workers and enough lands in hand . Small and medium contractors do not have the wherewithal to upgrade their capability. Change is the nature of law, the contractors have their own believe and policies and upgrading them is very difficult.

Quality, safety, environment and social aspects are also not being addressed appropriately
Quality is the most important factor any customer look forward. Quality cannot be maintained as a result of low finance and price rise.

Greater Competition
A direct result of fewer opportunities is that more companies are vying for fewer projects. Prices are driven down as companies bid lower in an attempt to secure the work. Often it is the company that has made an error in its tender that wins the work.